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You Are the Placebo with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Published on Jul 8, 2014

In Dr. Dispenza’s new book, You Are The Placebo, he explains how the power of the mind, and a positive outlook is a very powerful device.  This interview comes from The Rush on ShawTV.

There is also a 2-part more in-depth interview with Regina Meredith on GaiamTV worth watching:  Open Minds: Healing in the Quantum Field of Potentials with Joe Dispenza (August 2014 ) and Open Minds: Deprogramming Collective Beliefs with Joe Dispenza (September 2014)  GaiamTV is a subscription online network.  They have 30-day free trial.  Well worth a look.

Dr. Joe covers this and deeper aspects of these ideas within his workshops on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: rewriting  your brain and creating a new life from the present moment.  His ideas have profound implications for health and healing.  The fundamental core of Dr. Joe’s work is about becoming coherent in your body, mind and life – creating a coherent energy field, which is also the essence of my work with my clients.   I did his advanced 5-day workshop in AZ last winter where we got wired up to monitor heart and brain activity during meditation.  It was an amazing life-transforming week.