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Holistic Bodywork

Holistic Bodywork is a synthesis of polarity therapy and subtle osteopathic (manual therapy) techniques including craniosacral therapy, structural mobilization, and muscle-energy and positional release techniques.

Polarity therapy is a forerunner in the field of energy medicine, applying the perspective and principles of quantum physics to natural healing. It uses a systems approach to understand the connections between structural and physiological adaptation patterns and physical, mental and emotional stresses. Through hands-on bodywork technique and dialogue, we engage the body-mind’s self healing wisdom to restore balance and health.

Polarity was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, ND, DC, (1890-1981) from over 60 years of study, travel and medical practice. Dr. Stone synthesized diverse concepts — modern, ancient, Eastern and Western to create a comprehensive system of assessing and treating the full range health conditions.  (also see: What is Polarity Therapy?)

Manual therapy uses osteopathic manipulative techniques, first developed by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, DO, MD (1823-1917) and expanded upon by subsequent osteopaths, involving gentle hands-on manipulations to promote tissue repair, normalize structure and restore healthy body function. Osteopathy emphasizes preventive medicine and a philosophy that treatments should focus on addressing the whole person, rather than just a disorder. My treatments incorporate many subtle manual therapy techniques including: myofascial release, muscle energy technique, positional release, craniosacral and visceral therapy.

"Your mind is in every cell of your body."

~ Candace Pert, PhD