New Year’s Newsletter 2014

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and everyone you love!

There is a lot of uncertainty as we enter 2014.  This comes with the start of each new year, however this year I seem to be feeling it more acutely.  We’ve had a stellar 2013 on Nantucket  and right now things appear to be on an even greater upswing.  One doesn’t have to scratch the surface very deeply, however to recognize that our global economy is actually in a precarious state which fosters unease.
We are becoming disillusioned with an increasing number of the systems we have always relied on.  Our political system is universally accepted as corrupt, self-serving and broken to its core.  Our media serves only to reenforce the world trance: selling toxic, nutrient depleted food; peddling goods we neither need nor can truly afford; pushing drugs that ensnare us in a downward cycle of dependance and diminished health.

On the other hand there is an upside to disillusionment.  Our illusions are breaking down so we can see the reality that has been there all along.  We are experiencing the pains of the collective maturation of our species – becoming more conscious and more personally responsible for the state of our lives, planet, society, and political systems.  No longer can we simply say, oh how terrible!  We must ask ourselves, “what am I prepared to do about it?”

Philosopher and spiritual activist Andrew Harvey asks, what breaks your heart and wounds your soul?  He points out that where our greatest heart-break lies, so lies the true purpose of our lives.  We can use our pain as the catalyst to improve both our our lives and planet.  Each of us experiences a different sense of intense hurt and possess unique skills to make a difference.

In 2014, my commitment is to break free of the world trance.  Every day I recognize new ways I’ve allowed myself to become hypnotized by the “the system” into apathy, complacency and overwhelm and I’m choosing a path towards health and wholeness. I won’t always succeed, but I’ll keep working at it.  I invite you to join me in waking up more than ever before in this new year, to a new world, and new levels of wellness and joy in all aspects of your life.

In health and light,
Glen Weimer