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Navigating Inner Space

6-Weeks  •  Sundays, Oct 2 to Nov 13
6 to 7:30pm  •  $200


Discover Techniques to:
  • Utilize Self-Directed Meditation & Movement
  • Work with your body’s 3 Core Rhythms:
    • Breath  •  Pulse  •  Fluid Tide
  • Use your distractions to find stillness and peace
  • Play with gentle, natural movements to unlock your body’s potential
  • Work with your inner vision and felt sense
  • Live life from the inside out

I am very excited to announce that I will once again be teaching my new workshop, Navigating Inner Space, the culmination of over 35 years of study and practice.   This 6-week course will present unique skills for living your life from the inside out.

One of the things I hear so often from clients is that they can’t meditate because there’s just too much noise in their heads and pain in their bodies.  The techniques we will explore in this workshop actually use all those distractions as the path to inner stillness.  Whether your goal is meditation or just living a more joyous pain-free life, the skills you’ll acquire will be invaluable!

You will learn to to pay attention to and trust your inner wisdom which is continually guiding you towards your unique path of ease.  We will work with guided visualization as well as gentle stretches, contractions, micro-movements and direct and indirect 3-planar unwinding.  You will learn to utilize your body’s 3-primary rhythms: breath, pulse, fluid tide and your felt sense to calm your nervous system, relieve physical and emotional discomfort, and unlock your body’s movement potential.

If you haven’t already guessed I’m taking what I do with clients on the table and teaching you to use these techniques for your own self-care and self-healing.

I hope you can join us for this extraordinary 6-week course!


NOTE: Space will be limited to 20 participants.

Supta Yoga, 9 Amelia Drive




2 thoughts on “Navigating Inner Space

  1. People have a lot of questions about this workshop so I thought it might be helpful to post some as Q&As. Please feel to ask questions here or text or email me.

    Q: Is this related to Qigong? Sounds like a special blend of things…

    A: The workshop draws from everything I’ve studied over the last 36 years, but has less to do with A Technique or Tradition dictated from the outside (with rules and rights and wrongs), more to do with how we listen to and find our own unique path from the inside – literally navigating our own inner space. Which doesn’t mean I won’t be teaching specific things, it just means that a lot of how you apply what I teach will depend on what is disturbing your peace in that moment using your own internal guidance. What we are honing is how to listen and respond to our inner voice, moment-by-moment.

    Yes it’s energy-based like Qigong, but no I won’t be teaching Qigong techniques per-se. The way that each class will be set up will be to go internal and PLAY with a technique (which might look like movement or meditation) then come out into group and discuss our experiences with that technique, and repeat with another. I want to weave together our inner and outer realities; thoughts, feelings and body experiences; our conscious and subconscious worlds; and by hearing others’ experiences help people recognize aspects they may not have noticed before or been able to articulate.

    So, it’s gonna be something very different! We will be engaging our inner exploration with a child-like sense of play.

  2. Q: Do I have to be a flexible yogi to be able to do the movements?

    A: Absolutely NOT! The movement exercises are designed to feel as natural as breathing. I will demonstrate how to do them for any fitness level, whether you can fold your body into a pretzel or have multiple physical limitations. Living from the inside-out means listening to what your body is telling you, what it can and can’t do, and acting accordingly. If ANYTHING is too difficult and I still haven’t addressed your particular challenge, I not only encourage I insist that you take care of yourself and opt out or ask me to show you how to modify it for your particular needs.

    But again, the movements should feel great while we are doing them, and be techniques you can take home and utilize in your life. In fact, they’ll be the kinds of things you are motivated to do yourself, without any outside encouragement — that’s living from the inside-out. The secret is, we often start out with – “what is hurting and how do I make that feel better”. The second is doing things that don’t feel like work but are FUN, many that you can do anywhere, whenever you have minute (or more).

    Similarly, the mediation exercises will often be done lying down or seated on a cushion or chair. I always give multiple options to suit different needs. We begin by making the body comfortable and quieting the physical complaints, then we play with ways to quiet or bypass all the chatter that we notice when we try to meditate. Everything we do with a sense of play and exploration, because it is just that, the most exciting adventure you can imagine!

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