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Natural Remedies with Barbara O’Neill, ND

Natural Remedies 

This is one of Dr. Barbara O’Neill’s must-see videos with a wealth of natural home remedies that everyone should have on hand to treat both emergency and chronic conditions.  Dr. O’Neill accompanies each of her treatments, like easy to make policies and compresses of onion, garlic, potato cayenne pepper and caster oil, with memorable personal stories.

I’ve indexed this video for easy access to each natural remedy.  Enjoy!

Video Index

  • Onion Poultice – 2:34 to draw toxins, infection
  • Onion & Honey Syrup – 16:27 for soar throat
  • Flu Bomb – 19:02
  • Garlic Poultice – 22:24
  • Ginger – 25:33. anti-inflammatory herb
    • Internal Tea 26:12
    • External Poultice-  27:54 for joint inflammation
  • Potato Poultice – 38:26 for tissue inflammation
  • Hydrotherapy– Hot/Cold – 40:52 &
    • 3 minutes in Hot Water – vasodilation – stimulant to begin with
    • 30 seconds in Ice Cold Water – contracts & draws new blood
    • Repeat 3x (minimally)
  • Caster Oil Compress  – 58:40 – deep penetration to break up lumps, bone spurs, fibroids, cysts & tumor
  • Charcoal Pultice – 1:07:35 deep tissue detox for poisons
  • Cayenne Pepper – 1:18:10 circulatory stimulant
    • Internally & Externally – 1:20:00
    • Cayenne Pepper Compress – 1:28:41
  • Iodine test – 1:36:00 for thyroid health
  • Epsom Salt – 1:37:10 as muscle relaxer & for burns
  • Aloe Vera – 1:41:2 for burns
  • Q&A – 1:43:05

I recommend and forward the links to these videos to just about every client.  Here are just a few more exceptional health lectures from Dr. Barbara O’Neill at the Misty Mountain Retreat Center, Bellbrook, Australia.  Please visit all of her informational talks on YouTube.

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Dr. Barbara O’Neill is an author, educator, qualified naturopath and nutritionist, as well as an international speaker on natural self-healing. She has raised eight children and is a specialist in women’s and children’s health. She is also the health director of the successful Misty Mountain Health Education & Wellness Retreat, located in the Macleay Valley of Australia.