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Massage Technique from DL Walker to Decrease Bunion Size

Here’s a great self-help technique from DL Walker for reducing bunions.  Bunions are a problem I see often in my practice, but it’s not something that can be solved in one session.  It takes ongoing attention to affect any type of lasting change, so to have a simple FREE at-home solution is very exciting.  Let me know how this worked for you.

Beyond this video, DL Walker’s Bunion Solution Program is a unique system that can help you put an end to painful, unsightly Bunions.  The program incorporates effective strategies to permanently change the look and feel of your foot and bunion.

You can expect to achieve:

  • Bunion Pain Relief in 3 days or less.
  • Reduction in Bunion Size within 2 weeks.

Using; specialize tape, targeted release (similar to massage) and exercise the program incorporates the principles of the 4R’s, Release, Reposition, Reduce Inflammation, Re-education. Performed properly, these key components are the elements you need to achieve success.



DL Walker, MS, ED, PT, is a Clinical Foot and Ankle Specialist, utilizing 20 years experience and training in; Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage, Neurophysiology, Athletic Training and Alternative Medicine.  She has developed this comprehensive and targeted system that has transformed thousands of feet to look better, feel better, and move better.

For more information on DL walker’s Bunion relief techniques visit her at thebunionsolution and find more of her free Youtube videos at youtube channel,