It’s RIGHT NOW, What Can You Do?

David-Wolfe_Right-NowThought for the Day –  There’s only NOW, So what are you going to do?

I Love this mantra.  David Wolfe posed this concise version of this eternal question at the recent Longevity Conference in CA.  It’s his twist on “Be Here Now”, “the Power of Now”, “Point of Power is In the Present”, etc.

A great reminder to both be in the present and to seize this opportunity to take action.  Too often we are ruminating about what happened in our past, rehashing things that other people did or didn’t do to us, what we should have done…OR… all the things that need to happen before we can take action tomorrow: “I’ll love my body when I lose those 10 lbs.”, I’ll forgive him when he …”, “I’ll go on a diet after the holidays”, “I’ll … when I win the lottery”, or everybody’s favorite “I’ll start exercising when I have more time/energy”.

There are always excuses in the past or future for not taking action even though we KEEP meaning to—wanting to—intending to or simply wishing we could.

One of mine is getting around to writing my website blog. I have half a dozen articles in various stages of completion.   So this is my “what I’m going to do RIGHT NOW”.  Yes, it would be much better if I worked on it more and took a few days to edit it, but there is something empowering about getting ONE of the things on my list DONE.  Especially the ones I’ve been procrastinating on, or where I feel TOO SMALL or the problem TOO BIG for me to make a difference (like on the environment, renewable energy, the state of our country/planet, or going completely organic).

When we don’t have to solve the whole problem in this moment, or do it completely flawlessly it liberates (sometimes huge amounts of) pent up energy in our systems.  And as I always say–right foot left foot, before you know it you’re crossing the finish line!

What can YOU do RIGHT NOW?

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