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Iodine Deficiency with Dr. John Doulliard

In this video Dr. John Douliiard presents an overview of the importance of Iodine for optimal health particularly Thyroid health.  He also mentions the fact that the World Health Organization reported that 72% of the population are now iodine deficient due to many changes in food production as well as a decrease in salt intake.

You can supplement with Nascent (atomic form) Iodine by “painting” an iodine patch on your forearm just above the wrist once or twice a day. If the iodine patch disappears completely in less than 4-hours you are probably deficient and may want to have your levels tested.  As a home remedy you can paint on the Nascent Iodine twice a day until you see that it lasts longer on your wrist and then decrease to once a day.  Iodine is particularly import to protect us from the increase in radiation on our planet today.

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