Ideas for Exercise & Adventure on Nantucket

I’ve been lovin’ our great spring weather & enjoying the Land Bank’s interactive map of their properties. Today I walked the Miacomet Pond Trail from the end of Mizzenmast Road out to Lady’s Beach. Haven’t done that walk in a while. Last week I discovered the Stump Pond Trail and the Holdgate Trail and was reminded of a number of places I hadn’t been in a long time.  If you’re looking for ideas of new places to discover or to rediscover on Nantucket check out www.nantucketlandbank.org.

Once you’ve exhausted all those trail there are also the Conservation Foundation’s Properties which you can find on their internet map at www.nantucketconservation.com.  Although, I enjoy the interactive nature of the Land Bank’s much more, I am so grateful to both organizations for ALL the conservation lands they maintain for public enjoyment.  

Well that’s my thought for the day, for getting exercise and fresh air, clearing your head, taking in the island’s natural beauty and observing spring life return to the Island.

One thought on “Ideas for Exercise & Adventure on Nantucket

  1. Having a dog along is the best part of taking a walk for me. There is nothing like a dog to keep you in the “moment” Our joyful and exuberant NICK adds to the adventure of a walk of any length!

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