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Amazon eStore Launch: Featuring Zeolite & Cordyceps

March 2013 eNewsletter

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new eStore on

It seems like I’m always recommending supplements and products to help improve my clients’ health, so I wanted a way you could easily find them at the best possible prices, and I think I found just that.  The products listed in my eStore are ones that I personally recommend.  They have been chosen for their balance of high quality and cost savings.  As an Amazon Affiliate store, you get Amazon’s same bargain prices, secure checkout and order fulfillment directly through them.  Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of FREE 2-day shipping on all eligible items.Over the next few months I will let you know about some of my favorite products that can make a substantial difference to your health.  Like you I  have taken countless supplements over the years.  Most, I took because I like the idea of what I might get from them, but few really delivered.  The products I’m highlighting are ones I’ve seen real measurable results for myself and my clients.My first two are products I wouldn’t live without.  Chances are that I’ve talked to you about them already.

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals that are 100% safe and non-toxic at any level. Most things that are toxic to our systems are positively charged (+) and acid-forming in the body, such as heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, free radicals, and bad calcium.   Zeolite’s unique, negatively-charged (-), cage-like molecular structure attracts these like a magnet, then captures and removes them from your body.  It helps to balance your body’s pH levels to a healthy alkalinity; buffering excess protons which can help many conditions from acid reflux to candida and arthritis.

Zeolites are in a category with clays and diatomaceous earth.  Indigenous people around the world have always included clay as a regular part of their diets.  ALL vegetarian mammals regularly ingest clay to detoxify their bodies and pregnant women often instinctively crave clay, chalk or ice cubes to protect their fetus from toxins.  Modern medicine sees these cravings as pathological, but scientists know it as geophagy.

Our planet and our bodies continue to experience the repercussions of Fukushima; we are being exposed daily to higher levels of radiation than ever before in our water, air and food.  Zeolites are what emergency teams spray on nuclear accidents to neutralize and contain the waste.  More than any other product, this is a must have in your arsenal to protect your body from environmental and metabolic toxins – today and into the future.

You can also get an agricultural version of zeolite called Sweet PDZ to use in your lawn, fruit and vegetable gardens.  It won’t change the soil’s pH, and it will help detoxify your home-grown food.  (see “Products” p2).

This winter’s cold season included a major bronchial component that seemed to hit everybody.  Personally, cordyceps has guven me back my lungs after years of dealing with cat allergies that had developed into chronic asthma.  I recommend it for all respiratory issues, but it also has many other applications.  Historically, in China it was illegal to own or use this rare mushroom whose legendary healing properties were reserved exclusively for the emperor.

Cordyceps are part of a unique group of herbs known as Tonic Adaptogens (TA).  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TAs are known as superior medicines – the best of the best – typically used to strengthen and fortify the body’s systems.  They are plants that grow in varied environments and impart their ability to adapt to diverse stresses.  Unlike most medicines they are bidirectional in their therapeutic affects (ie. one might help to balance  your system by raising or lowering your blood pressure depending on what is needed).  There are no comparables within western medicine.  They are classified as foods and are safe and non-toxic at any level.

Traditional Chinese Medicine finds that cordyceps enhances and strengthens the immune system; improves respiratory function; enhances cellular oxygen intake, strengthens the heart muscle and improves blood circulation; builds muscle; improves sexual function; and much more.

Because of it’s ability to improve energy, stamina, appetite, endurance, and sleeping patterns, it has also been classified as a general health tonic. Cordyceps may reduce allergies, depression, colds and the flu by enhancing adrenal and lung function. It is recommended for people who feel short of breath, achy, or depressed from overwork, pollution, and bad dietary habits. Cordyceps mushroom is also effective in lowering the lipoproteinemia level and in combating arterio-sclerosis and coronary heart disease, as well as certain other diseases related to blood vessels of the brain.

Those are my first two picks.  I will continue to refine my eStore, expanding the inventory and adding personal descriptions to the products.  I would appreciate your feedback to improve your shopping experience.