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Discover Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

New in 2017, my sessions will incorporate the use of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.  I recently began using a PEMF full-body mat at the beginning of my holistic bodywork sessions to magnify the amount of energy moving through the system, increasing the body’s capacity to heal.  We can also incorporate localized PEMF applicators to direct therapeutic square-wave energy to specific areas of pain.

Many people have questions about how it feels and what it can do for them.  I’m posting this blog to answer some of those questions.

Live Cell Microscopy showing cells clumping into chains before and free-moving with healthier membraines after 8-minutes on an iMRS-2000 mat.

So the biggest questions are:

  1. What does a treatment with PEMF feel like?
  2. Is it painful?
  3. How will it benefit me?

The shot answers to these questions are:

  1. Probably nothing;
  2. NO, far from it!; and
  3. Likely in many unexpected ways!

Treatment with PEMF is not painful and can actually feel good and promote short-term relaxation and in the long-run may speed healing and reduce pain.

The iMRS-2000 device that I use employs a low frequency, low intensity pulsed magnetic waveform.  Many people won’t feel anything directly from the PEMF machine.  It’s not like a massager that vibrates, or instruments that shock or pulse in any noticeable way.  People who are sensitive to subtle energy may feel a gentle “buzz”, warmth or pulsing within their own body in response to electromagnetic waves being generated by the iMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation).

Here’s my analogy, it’s like you are in a noisy chaotic room, in a lot of pain, and someone is whispering very softly, “follow me and you’ll feel better, follow me”.   Your body starts to recognize that when you follow the whisper you’re in less pain, so it starts tuning-in to that quiet voice, to listen for it above all the clamor, and as you do so you start feeling better and better.

But more than that, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, 40+ years of clinical research (mostly in Europe and Asia) shows increased blood flow through the microscopic capillaries, carrying more red and white blood cells to oxygenate, repair and detoxify all the tissues of the body.  This helps bring down inflammation and pain and speeds healing.*

This great video from PEMF Supply covers a lot of the basics.



For those of you who need a little more of a technical and historical context …


What is PEMF Therapy?

You can think of PEMF therapy as a “whole-body battery recharger”.

Working with Schumann Resonances (Earth-based and brain-state frequencies), PEMF therapy can recharge your 100-trillion cells, improving ATP production, increasing oxygenation, enhancing circulation, promoting hydration, facilitating detoxification, and gaining a better overall absorption of nutrients. It’s like putting little tiny “jumper cables” on all your cells and “jump-starting” them back to health.

PEMF Therapy re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electrical changes within the cell that restore it to it’s normal healthy state. PEMF Therapy can reduce pain and improve the quality of your life by allowing your body to function as it was designed to do.



Some of the first clinical studies on electromagnetic fields were conducted in the 1960s in Russia and Japan. Beginning in 1973 the beneficial effects of time-varying low energy magnetic fields were documented with increasing frequency in North America. In 1982, Dr. Andrew Bassett at Columbia University School of Medicine published a series of 4 articles on the positive effects of PEMFs for non-healing bone fractures in 3 North American medical journals.

In the decades that followed, there has been an explosion in research pertaining to PEMFs—more than 10,000 scientific papers and more 2,000 double blind studies. None more thorough and conclusive than the 4 year NASA study lead by Dr. Thomas Goodwin, PhD, on the ability of PEMF to improve the growth and repair of tissues in mammals. Unfortunately, PEMF Therapy is not yet fully mainstream nor completely recognized by allopathic medicine in the United Staes.


Magnetic Resonance Research

Research has shown that low energy pulsating fields within the frequency range of “the biological window” (2-25 Hz),  as well as the inner and outer wave patterns of the Earth’s magnetic field (7.83-11.79 Hz) can produce remarkable positive changes within the body.

The term “magnetic resonance stimulation” simply indicates that by applying a pulsating electromagnetic field that matches the Earth’s magnetic field, nearly all 100-trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance. As a result the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy. This energy enhances the self-healing powers of the body.


Some Benefits of PEMF

Today in the USA, PEMF Therapy is most widely found in sports medicine to improve athletic performance, reduce injuries and improve recovery time; in medical clinics for bone-regeneration; and in chiropractic, acupuncture, and naturopathic practices for tissue repair and to speed healing.  PEMF can also help people deal with the dirty-electricity and electrosmog from unhealthy electronic and radio-frequency devices.

PEMF offers a broad spectrum of benefits to human health with essentially no adverse reactions and very few contraindications (pregnancy, epilepsy, electronic implants).

Consistent in-home use is strongly correlated with increased energy balance resulting from the integrated whole-body stimulation of the immune metabolic, neurological, endocrine, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.  The result is increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, less stress, reduced pain and overall a greater enjoyment in life.*


You can think of PEMF therapy as a “whole body battery recharger”.

* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). PEMF devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

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