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Daniel Vitalis – 3 Changes for Vitality

Food for thought regarding our diets and choices affecting our health.  This is part 3 of a 3 part video interview with ReWiling expert, Daniel Vitalis on the Health of Children and the genetics we are passing on to the next generation.  See the other 2 parts on Youtube.

  1. Take the next step to improve your diet:  Move towards organic .. or locally sourced … heirloom … grow your own … forage for wild-sourced foods
  2. Change your drinking water:  Move towards the best water … local live spring water
  3. Get off of “Science Diet”:  GMO foods, pesticide ladened foods, synthetically fertilized foods, petrochemical pharmaceuticals



Daniel Vitalis is the host of the ReWild Yourself Podcast, and the founder of SurThrival, a premier line of food-based nutritional supplements. He is a writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and lifestyle pioneer in the sphere of human health, personal development, and strategic living. He’s especially interested in the meeting place of ancestral health and lifestyle design.

He is best known for relentlessly flouting taboo — and exposing the forces of domestication wherever they lurk — in his lucid and provocative interviews, essays, videos, and dynamic on-stage presentations.

You can find more information from Daniel Vitalis at or



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