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Clay Detox … with Daniel Vitalis


Here are tow great videos by Daniel Vitalis on Detoxing using Clays and Zeolite.

Daniel Vitalis walks us through the long history of use and how to use two different strategies to assist us in detoxing radioactive isotopes, heavy metals, and other toxins from our bodies on an ongoing basis.

Toxins in the body will often come to the surface of the skin as a rash. The body tries to get rid of various toxins through the sweat, but sweating cannot remove all toxins… they need to be water soluble, but the clay acts like a magnet, and the body is conscious of this, and uses the clay like a sponge. The body will literally transport and push the toxins out from the skin wherever there is contact with the clay.

If you were to put it on your feet and wrap it in plastic, leaving it for 24 hours, you would find a black tar like substance in the clay, where heavy metals and toxins are pushed out from your feet; but in the bath it comes out everywhere. Stretch and scrub and get the lymph system really moving while you are in there; it works exponentially better when fasting… taking the clay both internally and in baths. What could take three years to accomplish may take 3 hours while fasting in a clay bath. I did this last year during my 25 day fast, it was unbelievable.

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