Think Different Film Series 2015/16

Since 2012 I have collaborated with the Nantucket Atheneum Library to present a documentary film series that explores new ideas and perspectives related to wellness.  This is our fifth year and I think our best ever.  The thing I love most is that the Think Different Series challenges the audience to consider new ways of perceiving life and […]

New Year’s Newsletter 2014

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and everyone you love! There is a lot of uncertainty as we enter 2014.  This comes with the start of each new year, however this year I seem to be feeling it more acutely.  We’ve had a stellar 2013 on Nantucket  and right now things appear to […]

Ideas for Exercise & Adventure on Nantucket

I’ve been lovin’ our great spring weather & enjoying the Land Bank’s interactive map of their properties. Today I walked the Miacomet Pond Trail from the end of Mizzenmast Road out to Lady’s Beach. Haven’t done that walk in a while. Last week I discovered the Stump Pond Trail and the Holdgate Trail and was […]