Become the Hero of Your Own Story!

Become_the_Hero_02bThought For The Day: Too often in our world we are obsessed with other people’s lives and adventures — it’s all we think about, it’s all we talk about. Whether it’s celebrities’ latest exploits, what’s happening with the characters in a tv show or book, a husband/wife, children or parents, family or friends and what they are up to now.

Are you just a minor supporting character in your own life? Do you have an insubstantial walk on roll? What would it be like to be the hero in your own story?

How about this: Take time at the end of the day or a whole day to be by yourself, with yourself. Turn off the tv, unplug the computer, put down the book or magazine and tell yourself the story of your day, of your life. Reclaim the roll of the central character. Is your story a romantic comedy, a who done it, is this the tragic chapter where it all goes to sh*t before it turns around. What’s our hero gonna do next?

Try it! It could change your life.